Laura Selena

Astrologer & Counsellor

I have known Laura for over 10 years, her readings are part of the reason I met my partner and am soon to be happily married. She knew! Laura has been my mentor and an inspiration that has changed my life.

Melissa LouiseLogistics & Accounts Manager

The readings that I've had with Laura have been invaluable. Laura is thorough, engaged and professional in her warm, approachable and light manner. She is insightful and imparts her wisdom both practically and philosophically. I look forward to continuing to consult with her for many years to come!

Adala MichelleLecturer

Laura is a gifted South African astrologer and an intuitive and compassionate human being. Her readings are uncannily accurate when relating to past and future events, she provides detailed information. She also provides advice on reading material and things to consider in future. She has a kind energy and is lovely to work with. I fully recommend her!

CandraDocumentary Film Maker

I know I can trust Laura for an objective, considered, and professional approach. Many times she has been able to confirm and/or offer complementary points of view on an issue I may be going through at the moment. She is responsive, insightful and well-educated in the language of life. Thank you, Laura. Your fiery spirit and passion for what you do is an inspiration.


"...from the original natal chart to every single reading over the years, Laura's accuracy and guidance has been absolutely spot on".

Claudia BassonB.E.E Advisor

"I found Laura's reading enlightening and very accurate, her accurate description of my path and life and latent talents were spot on! Would highly recommend anyone who is stuck in a rut or unsure what to do next to consult with her..."

Lee-Ann ViolaAdmin Manager

Astrology reconnects you to your destiny; soul and the archetypal forces that create you.

We each come into this world with a calling; a unique purpose to share. Like the acorn that has all it needs to become an oak tree, we all have everything we need to fulfil our destiny.

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