Like acorns, we have all we need to become who we are meant to be. In the struggles and stresses of life, we often lose touch with this essence. Astrology reconnects you to yourself…

  1. Astrology clears up the question of career, “am I in the right one”…”Is it time for a change?”
  2. Relationships, “when, why and how” patterns of relating in love.
  3. Discover hidden talents and whether you should study further
  4. Learn how to manage your weaknesses and treasure your strengths.
  5. Health strengths and weaknesses 
  6. Travel or Stay put?
  7. Where is your path of fortune?

Skype& Email consultations available on request. 


Author Laura Selena

I have a passion for exploring what makes this life meaningful. I've been studying and teaching since I left school although qualified as an Astrologer, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist & Psychologist. I will probably never stop studying, writing and questioning reality.

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