Please fill out the application form online

  • Soon as I receive your form I will email you banking details&address, or PayPal invoice
  • Please use your name as a reference via EFT, once received, I will begin your chart.
  • Your time of birth is very important to me for accuracy. The more accurate you are, the more accurate I can be. If you are not sure of your birth time, please inform me and we can look at doing a chart rectification which is very accurate, or other cheaper less accurate alternatives.
  • All consultations are the standard 50-minute therapeutic hour.
  • I offer live Skype consultations for people outside of S.A. (email for Skype name).
  • I do not record your private session, however, I encourage you to please bring a phone or device and record your session and make notes!


Astrology Consultations

R 950

per session

Relationship Astrology

R 1150

per session


R 600

per session

Short Email Questions

R 650

per question

Chart Rectifications

R 1850

per request

            Astrology Consultations for PayPal Users @ $ 100


            Counselling for PayPal Users @ $ 70