What governs who’s attracted to whom? Why are some people crazy about you and others can’t seem to notice you actually exist? Why do some lead you on for months and others want to be with you right then and there?

Besides the psychological, biological and synchronistic facet of these events- each of which is wholly and entirely relevant; there is the equally important and lesser known astrological aspect- Without which there is no relationship.

We all know you can be drawn to someone psychologically. In the sense that they comfortably or uncomfortably remind you of your parents or that hero you were searching for.
Biologically you could smell their pheromones, and your body could tell you this person is a precise match for having genetically superior children. Synchronicstically, life can lead you to bump into them the moment you are both magically available. There is a fizzle, but it fizzles out? Or the fizzle goes right into a ‘pop’ but your love interest runs for the hills. Or there is a ‘pop’ that dwindles into bored obscurity or there is a ‘pop pop bang pow’ and you go wow! Wow! Only to find it at the bottom of your pool, died the horrible death of drowning. Whatever is the matter? Is it some cruel trick of fate? The ghost of an angry ancestor preventing your chance of love? Maybe…
Let us take this moment right here to cut straight to the chase; it is Astrology! Astrology really governs it all.

If you do not have a substantial amount of connections between your astrological planets, there will be no attraction and no relationship.The End. So how the hell does this work and why didn’t you know about this before?

At the moment you were born the planets were in specific places in the sky. In astrology, we divide these up into twelve signs. You have a sun sign that you know about (I hope) but this is often a different sign to the sign of your Mars and Venus.
Mars and Venus you say? Yes, Mars and Venus. These two plants play a significant role in ‘how’ you conduct yourself and what sorts of things you are attracted to. The simple fact is, not all men are from Mars, we know this- some are clearly from Venus. The thing to ask yourself is this; do you prefer a (wo)man from Venus or Mars?

Each planet has a sign, and this is the ‘how’. Mars in Scorpio, is a man from Mars he, or she enjoys the hunt and the chase. While Mars in Libra quickly gets bored with this hoo-ha, Mars in Libra wants the romance of sharing mutual pleasures, the appreciation for the finer things- sweet, whimsical nothings whispered about delicious things.

Taking it a step further. These Mars and Venus signs that you have touch the Mars and Venus signs of your love interest, these ‘touches’ or astrologically speaking- aspects, either make ‘happy’ connections or not. Rather simply- how they connect affects the level of attraction you both experience.

Signs and their elemental connections are the precise reason you get hot for that perfectionistic woman or man or why the toilet seat up turns you off. Signs are the reason you prefer lazing about on a Sunday afternoon more than rock climbing up a gorge and exactly the reason you either want that rock climbing man or woman in your bed or not! The signs and how they connect either make you very interested or only mildly interested.

So are you and your partner compatible? Is the man or woman you like a good astrological love match for you?

What pop astrologers like Linda Goodman have pointed out- and I have a lot of respect for Linda; is that the Suns sign make a difference to how well you connect.
Sun sign astrology is very able to show a small aspect of how two people will create harmony or discord together. One often comes across two Scorpio signs that are married, equally common are two Libran or Cancerians or Taurians. But how often have you heard of two Aries or a Sagittarian and a Gemini sitting in the tree of marriage?
But now the danger of focusing in on just one planet is imminent. The danger is it is a gross oversimplification. An oversimplification that quickly denigrates into pop-corn astrology which looks at one planet- and your sun magically determines everything! No, what about the other nine planets? What about the other four elements? Your Sun signs cannot and will not, alone, make or break your entire relationship. Will it? Is it the end again?

In the Astrology of attraction, the connections between Mars and Venus show the level of heat between you. They show the nature of the intimate relationship, while Mercury the planet of communication shows how well you speak and understand one another.
Are you minds compatible is the question of Mercury’s connections? This becomes an important question, at 1am as your hot new ‘pop pop bang’ of a love interest rants on about the dire politics of biological determinism… and all you can hear is the glug glug glug of him sinking to the bottom of your vast pool of, absolute No! Mercury then becomes a very important question indeed!

The astrological connections between your Saturn’s (the planet of commitment and loyalty) show how long and serious the relationship will be. This is important for countless reasons. These few planets mentioned are only the tip of the adverbial iceberg.
There is so much you can determine about the relationship from drawing up your birth charts together and separately. The Astrology of Compatibility can save you from many of the ugly pitfalls.

Another aspect astrologers look at is the four elements. The element can determine the energy flow- in a basic capacity. For example:

Basic Astrological Sign Compatibility

1. Aries signs, Leo signs and Sagittarius signs are all fire signs and go well with air signs like Libra signs, Aquarius signs, Gemini signs. (Air feeds fire)
2. Capricorn signs, Virgo signs and Taurus signs are all earth signs and go well with water signs like Scorpio signs, Cancer signs and Pisces signs. (water feeds earth, earth gives water stability)
3. Water signs and Fire signs, can create steam or fizzle out. Especially if there are no other elements.
4. Earth and air signs can annoy one another because air wants to fly, and earth wants to be on the ground. Air can find this boring. Air can also dry earth out, this means an earth sign can get tired out by all air’s buzzing around and general busyness.
5. Fire and earth: Fire can excite earth, it can also burn earth, and earth can put fire out. Earth can get agitated with all the passion and excitement of fire and bring practicality and reason into the picture which puts out fires passion. Fire can burn earth with its passion and aggression, this can be to warming for earth’s cool demeanour.

This is a basic look at the art of astrological compatibility.

Laura Bradfield is a practising Astrologer in Cape Town, part of the Cape Town Astrological Society and conducts personalized astrological readings and consultations. Newbies and Vetrens to Astrology all welcome!

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