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Should Studying Again? Have you been avoiding your passion to fulfill the humdrum of working day life? Are you an academic hiding behind a till or a poet hiding behind an I.T. desk?

Astrology can clearly determine these questions. An astrologer will look at your birth chart as well as your transit and see what it is that you should be studying, when and if you need to make a change.

As a rule people with strong mercurial signs, Gemini and Virgo’s tend to work well behind a desk. And that is the place they wish to be. They are the academics. They may keep studying while maintaining their job or make a job out of their studying. That is not to say that if you aren’t a Geminin or Virgo that you won’t be an academic. There are other signs and planets that help determine this.

The position of your natal Jupiter shows your propensity for higher learning, thinking, and philosophical discernment. It also indicates where you feel a sense of reward and meaning in this life. The moon (amongst other things) shows your predominant temperament. The sun will show where you will shine, whether it is at the theater, managing a coffee shop or the stationary in your desk.

Mercury’s position shows your interest and the quality of your mind- is it flighty or slow, specific and practical, is it playful and firey or watery and dreamy?

The position and dignity of the ruler of your 9th house show whether you will take up tertiary education. The transits in and around that house and planet will show when you will study and when a good time to study will be.
The house opposite to the 9th house in astrology is the 3rd house, and this house tells the astrologer how you find your primary and high school schooling. Your experience of primary education will not and can not be the same as tertiary education so those who have had terrible experiences can be assured they will not have the same experience again. In fact, you may have the exact opposite experience.

I have mentioned before in previous articles the significance of the sun sign and the immense obscurity of using it as the sole means of determining and prediction.

In the same vane education can not be determined by your sun sign alone. Not all Geminis will love being in information careers and studying further- if they only have one planet in Geminin- their sun information will not be that important. Remember there are another ten planets in total. The sign that has the greatest weight- i.e., it appears in the chart the most often or features on the cardinal cross with planets to boot- that sign will have the strongest effect on the person. You can check out your chart here and find out which sign is your strongest sign:

The signs on the cardinal cross will be the signs- on the northernmost sign, the one right at the top or at 12 o’clock and the southernmost sign at 6am and the eastern sign and the western most sign. If the sign on the cardinal cross is followed by a few plants with the same sign, it will mean that this sign is of importance to you. It will be the strongest indicator for what you will study. A cardinal point and luminary with the same sign, create what astrologers call a dominant sign. This sign is then the significator for what will interest you.
Here is a rough guide to the meaning of certain signs being dominant in your natal chart:

Aries; is the fire starter, the fire of a new idea, venture or project, Aries want to be learning new things every day and keep life fresh and interesting. Long term courses are not for the Aries dominated chart they will be too bored. Fun courses, fiery courses, events, MTB races, runs, marathons adventures are the perfect ‘courses’ for an Aries! Course that involves doing not reading!

Taureans; work well with their hands and earthly goods, material and the physical dimension of life will be vital. A long boring information rich educational course will not fulfill them unless what they are learning teaches them how to work better with their hands. Engineering courses and courses with practical applications are imperative to keep the person with the Taurus rich chart happy. Pottery as a sideline course or any art involving the hands will be a lovely thing for a Taurus to enjoy.

Gemini’s and Virgos are both ruled by the Lord of communication Mercury: They work with information, organization and the compiling of data. They need to be right where the information action is. Long-term courses, degree’s, master and Ph.D.’s are right up there with long hours, desk work, and papers.

Cancerian dominant charts are good at child care, cooking, and homely things. An education or short course in any topic related to the home, mothers, children, pets, gardening, and food will be right up their ally. But shorter courses will be preferred. Deadlines are an anxiety; high-pressure studies will not be easy to complete. Cooking courses as a sideline hobby would be the best!

Leo dominant charts need to be seen for the good work they are doing, on a stage, behind a stage, around a stage. The stage could also be an ideal lifestyle that they promote. They like the public eye and are good at coordinating events. Short courses that aid technological development and background information in the fields of interest are best.

Virgo see above.

Libran dominant charts need relationships and dialogs and interactions with others. Courses can be long or short as long as there is a good group dynamic. The learning should be people based and relationally orientated. All industries based on human interactions (desk jobs will not fit unless there are great office relationships to boot). Libran’s will even prefer courses that are about human dynamics.

Scorpio based charts will enjoy learning and educate themselves further through short courses and tertiary education. As long as the information is inspiring and deeply informative they will keep studying it. Depth is the big thing for Scorpios, that and the occult. Scorpio’s do like a challenge. They don’t like to be told, they prefer an investigation. They may make good community P.I’s.

Sagittarians learn on the run, overseas, long course, and short and everything inbetween anything. All that is of interest. Even something of vague appeal will be pursued with the effect that most will try a multitude of things and have many a certificate up on the wall.
A chart with lots of Sagittarius planets will be the eternal student, or the traveler learning about cultures, nothing less will surfice.

Aquarians and Capricorns alike, study hard and long. They will do what it takes to reach their goals. Interest is not as important as the goal, as the function that their job will provide once they have qualified. The goal is set and they work toward it slowly and steadly. Hobbies are things that are only valued much later, short art courses and the likes to balance their structured lives.

Pisces based charts are also people based but they like to be behind the scenes. Long distance courses are perfect. Short or long- as long as what they are doing will make a difference to the world in some way. The course should be creative if it is to be enjoyed or attended at all by the Pisces.

And there you have it! The long and short of The Astrology of Education.

Laura Selena is a qualified Astrologer, Aromatherapist, and Reflexologist in Cape Town. Skype and Email consultations available on request.

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