When it comes to children, one size does not fit all!

The Gallup Organization survey of one million people is very clear: “Everyone has a talent to be exceptional at something; the trick is to find that something” (Buckingham, Coffman 2002). This survey concluded that talent is more important than skills and experience combined People who had developed their talents were happier and more successful than those who had not. Astrology can be used to ascertain where the talent lies.

Your task as a parent is to strengthen your child’s talents, support their limitations and help them be great. But how do you do this if you are not sure what their talents are?

‘Gallup defined talent as each person’s genetic inheritance. We are born with, or develop early in life, a unique pattern of personality, temperament, and behaviour traits that together play a big part in what and who we become’ (Dyrden&Vos:2005). Dryden maintains that finding and developing these unique talents are the most important factors in success.

There is a couple of methods for identifying talent and proficiency. One is psychological testing the other is an astrological consultation. The fact is if your child knows what they are good at and develops it, they will gain a tremendous advantage.
Astrology will not only show what your child’s talents are, but also give you all the information you need to support it.

Children’s charts have a wealth of information that can benefit both parents and children. As an adult, you know how much time and money can be wasted trying to be, study, follow or do subjects and paths that are not for you.

Finding out what your child’s talents are is the difference between- being a parent who, with the best intentions, find themselves, surprised, disgruntled and disappointed when all the money and effort they spent on failed subjects ends with a postcard from their child in Thailand. Sometimes this is a lack of self-knowledge other times as C G Jung said: “Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent”.
So rather let the child who is a gifted creative, craft their art and not waste their energy trying to get 60% in a science paper when they have no desire to ever split the atom.

Another benefit of having your child’s Astrology chart done is that your knowledge about your child can strengthen or form a vital connection between you. If you want your child to hear you and understand you. You have to speak to them in a language they can relate. So how do you do that?

All parents with one or more children will intimately know that their children’s needs vary greatly. You cannot speak to one child in the same way you speak to the other. When it comes to children one size does not fit all. If you talk firmly to a child with a Cancerian moon, they will shut down and sulk in their room. You will have failed to teach, share and connect with them in a way they can relate. On the other hand, if you treat the Aries moon child in the same way you will have immediate results; recognition, learning and understanding! Speak to that same Aries moon child gently, and you will get a distracted, disinterred ignoring child.

What an Astrology Birth Chart for your child will Tell you:

  • How well they will adapt to school
  • What type of friendships they will have;
  • What they value;
  • What their emotional temperament is;
  • What their character traits are;
  • Strengths;
  • Weaknesses;
  • Gifts and Talents;
  • Fears and Phobias;
  • Health weaknesses;
  • Hereditary factors;
  • Family influence;
  • Strongest Vocational Potentials;
  • How best to parent them;
  • What lessons will be hard for them to learn;
  • How to support them best

Use Astrology for Parenting, learn how best to guide your child.

Dryden, G.& Dr Vos (2005) The New Learning Revolution. Citing Marcus Buckingham &Cut Coffman, (2002) First, Break All The Rules. London Continuum.

Laura is a qualified Astrologer, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist in Cape Town’.

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