Depression in a Birth Chart

We have all woken up thinking, ‘someone please kill me’. However, for some of us this is not a passing feeling, it is a place we live. Why do some people suffer from depression while others frolic over it unscathed?

There are a number of strong indicators for depression in an Astrological Birth Chart. In fact, an Astrologer can see if you are inclined to suffer from depression and why by looking at the position of your planets. Astrology can also help you avoid the pitfalls of depression and teach you how to manage it.
Depression is not innate for everyone, and yet everyone over the age of thirty will have suffered it at least once. An Astrologer can chart the timeline of a depression making it a valuable complimentary tool.

Depression is defined in Merriam-Webster as: ‘(1) a state of feeling sad (2) a mood disorder marked especially by sadness, difficulty thinking and concentrating, a significant increase or decrease in appetite/ sleep. Feelings of hopelessness, and sometimes suicidal thoughts or an attempt to commit suicide’[i].

If you suffer from a few of the symptoms listed above you may be in a depression. Depression can be caused by a host of things from; genes, neuro-chemical imbalances, environmental issues, illnesses, pollutants to dietary deficiencies or excesses. Even a long period of grief can precipitate a biochemical change that will prolong depression. The important point is Astrology will highlight the factors causing the depression and show you how best to manage them.

Lifestyles, attitudes and environments play a huge role in how you feel. You can use Astrology to look at what you need to live harmoniously with yourself. Find out if you are in the right job, living in the right environment and eating the right food.
Each person’s temperament, as defined by their sign, has particular requirements. For example, the lifestyle of a lumberjack, for one person creates the ultimate happy medium, for another it is a living nightmare. So where is your ultimate happy medium, what should you be doing?
A good Astrologer will help you find ways to optimize your experience toward your greatest well-being.

So…what if you have suddenly fallen into a depression that is not congenital?

Depression is often triggered by celestial movements around your chart. These are called Transits- in astrological terms. Thus, an astrologer will look at Saturn’s transits, in this case. Saturn’s movements can cause depression because they precipitate a phase of psychological growth. The truth is EVERYONE will suffer from depression at some point because phases of psychological growth and development are paramount to maturation. Maturation begins when we adapt to the current reality as a pose to regressing to an earlier developmental phase.

Adaptation causes the pain of depression and sadness because adaptation requires us to let go of the old and form the new. The processes of Letting go and change are possibly our least favourite pastime. Thus, we often avoid making the changes we need to. Depression forms a vital part of psychological growth and development– it is often the change agent. Be honest, there is no feeling quite like depression to help you get a move on and change your life. Depression lets you know- in no uncertain terms, that what you are currently spending your time doing, isn’t feeding your soul.

The greatest boon of astrology for depression is this: If your depression is not congenital, an Astrologer will be able to look at the timeline of the celestial movements affecting you and give you an end date. Phases of growth and development have a beginning, a middle and an end. Knowing when the end will be is like having a clearly defined light at the end of a tunnel. A light at the end of the tunnel can be the difference between looking at life through a black wet black blanket and looking up through a blanket of stars.

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‘Laura is a qualified Cape Town Astrologer; and a member of the Astrology Association of Cape Town.

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