Skype VS Face to Face Astrology Readings

For some people, a face to face Astrology Consultation is a powerful experience. In this age though, it is not the only option- we are unconfined by proximity, whether you see me in Cape Town or New York City is up to you. I have regular clients from America to Northern Africa and the U.K.
That said my overseas clients often come to see me in person when they are in the South Africa.
Having an astrology consultation is a deeply personal experience, whether it happens via skype or in person is immaterial to what you gain through the experience. Whether you live down the road and want to stay in the luxury of your own home or save the environment or come to meet me in person comes down to personal preference. Because Astrology is such an insightful tool; I will be able to assist you to make important life decisions, give you a forecast of the past and future trends whether you see me in person, or via Skype.
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I have a passion for exploring what makes this life meaningful. I've been studying and teaching since I left school although qualified as an Astrologer, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist & Psychologist. I will probably never stop studying, writing and questioning reality.

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