In Afrikaans, there is a beautiful adage ‘Deur die maan gepla’ which literally means- troubled by the moon. It was used to refer to people who behaved strangely during the full moon. It is little wonder the genealogy of the word lunatic, comes from the word Luna- meaning moon- not to mention the many myths of people becoming werewolves over full moon. Sirens are more plentiful and emergency rooms are notoriously fuller as are tampon and chocolate isles- all for the full moon! 

So what is going on? The fact that our bodies are made up of more than 60% water is part of the problem. Gravity is not always your friend!
The sign the moon is in has an equally powerful effect upon human emotions and if you are by birth a water sign like Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces you will know full well what I mean.

What do the moon signs mean?
The moon is in a new sign roughly every 2/3 days. Each sign brings a different energy and working with that energy will help you live in harmony and improve the flow of your life. Click here to see what the moon is in now: Moons Sign and Phase

Moon Signs- Brief Summary

Aries Moon: Full of fire, good to start new projects with. Avoid Arguments.
Taurus Moon: Exercise, look after your body, have a massage, get physical and indulge in a few sensual delights.
Gemini Moon: Take in new information, try not to let your thoughts get too scattered and touch base with friends.
Cancer Moon: A good time to be at home and make a new recipe. Eat delicious food and nurture yourself and others.
Leo Moon: Get creative, enjoy feeling bold and confident. Be cautious of being arrogant or full of pride.
Virgo Moon: Organize and sort admin. Tie up loose ends. Be careful of being too perfectionistic or neurotic about the details.
Libra Moon
: Spend time with your loved one or see friends. Socialize enjoy community or do something wonderful for a stranger. Be cautious of not valuing the other more than you value yourself.
Scorpio Moon: Watch your favourite ‘who done it’, have a lovely bath or swim. Watch out for your aggressive side and emotions running away with you. Be slow to act. If you feel something, think first and breath.
Sagittarius Moon: Study or contemplate the meaning of life, this is the perfect influence to use. Indulge in information and pleasure. Careful of going too far, know your limits.
Capricorn Moon: Order and control. Fix those things that needed your attention. Organize your life and sort out your finances. Make an investment or contribute to your existing investment. Careful of being too cold with those you love.
Aquarius Moon: Have that difficult conversation with a friend that you’ve been putting off. Speak your truth. Spend some time on admin or filing this is a time for clarity and focus. Careful of being too detached or chopping someone else’s head off without meaning too.
Pisces Moon: Daydream, doodle let your imagination wonder. Hopefully, this is not a day you need to concentrate too much. But it is a good day for recreational fun, remembering your dreams, pleasure, daydreaming, being creative and new ideas.

Find out today’s Moon sign?!

What to do during the Phases of the Moon:

Waxing till full moon
1. End projects of
2. Be creative
3. Do things slowly
4. Write, read and draw.
5. Be slow to react, quick to love. Take care.
6. Drink lots of water

Waning till New Moon
1. Begin a new project
2. Enjoy more abundant energy
3. Organize
4. Cut your hair and nails (they grow back slower)
5. Detox
6. Do cleanses

Enjoy living in harmony with the moon!

To learn more about your Moon sign book an appointment and find out how the moon affects you personally.
Laura Bradfield is a practising Astrologer in Cape Town and conducts personalized astrological consultations.

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