Each person has a calling, a destiny to fulfill. Most people will have a keen insight into what this is while others feel quite lost at the mere question.
The value of choosing a job that is a good fit for your personality is vital. A job that is able to bring you a sense of happiness while allowing you the space for other pursuits- is priceless.

There is a lot of unnecessary anxiety around career choices. This is partly because of our socialization and enculturation, and partly due to poor education. Westerners trend on one main career in a lifetime. Easterners trend on 4-5 dominant careers in a lifetime. The idea that you should be satisfied doing the same job for the rest of your life causes a lot of unnecessary tensions. The fact is, most people won’t and can’t, and why should they?

Career choices must be based on skill, desire, talent and means. It is all very well wanting to be a pilot but if you don’t have the means, determination, or you are colour blind, then this career is not available to you. ‘Gallup defined talent as each person’s genetic inheritance. We are born with, or develop early in life, a unique pattern of personality, temperament, and behavior traits that together play a big part in what and who we become’ (Dyrden&Vos:2005).

The Issue of Timing
Astrologically when you go through your first Saturn return at age 29, you enter into adulthood. This is seen as the beginning of adulthood in astrology. After the age of 29, most people will have a good enough sense of who they are and what their personal needs are to make good decisions regarding careers and education. This is another reason so many people who get married in their 20’s get divorced in their 30’s. The fact is not all of us have the good sense or the desire to wait till we know ourselves better. There is value in the ‘gap year’.
Looking at your transits your astrologer can tell you when will be the best time to study or move careers. Timing and self-knowledge are imperative.

The fact that most people change university courses 2-3 years into their studies while many others never practice what their parents spent thousands on is not surprising. Apart from the devastating effect of the unlived life of the parent who encourages the child to be a lawyer when the child has not desire or skill for the career itself is soul destroying. Not to mention devastating for the child who then wastes their lives in trying to please a parent who is selfishly looking for a satisfaction they will never be able to attain!
Astrology for Children quickly solves this problem and many others. But if you are not a child anymore and looking to change your career or looking for some insight into what career will best suit you, Astrology is an excellent tool!

Astrology will show you:

• Strength and Weaknesses
• Career needs
• Emotional needs
• Personality needs
• Work ethic, value system
• Temperament
• Earning potential
• Traveling for business or not

For the advanced Astrology readers an Astrologer will look at Astrological Significators of:

• Your 10th house
Planet ruling the 10th, condition, placements, aspects
11th house, planets; condition, placement, aspects
Mercury, Moon, Sun, condition and placement
5th house where will you derive your pleasure and are you creatively talented
Jupiter where will you obtain your greatest reward
Saturn what is your level of discipline, dedication, determination and follow through
9th house; will you gain a tertiary education
10th and 4th parents relationship to your career (too dominant or none existent)
Strongest Vocational Potentials
The path of fortune… the name speaks for itself
• And stars amongst other things 

‘Everyone has a talent to be exceptional at something; the trick is to find that something’ and make it your career (Buckingham, Coffman 2002).

Laura Bradfield is a qualified Astrologer, who practices in Cape Town.

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