Have you ever considered the power of the appallingly bad movie that keeps you transfixed moment after moment as it drags on when you have zero desire to watch it? Powerful!

Last week, as my friend listened to a shocking story. She turned around without a shadow of condolences and said, “Step away from the movie”.
It was an epiphany. Some movies are just bad and they aren’t going to get any better. So step away. Focus on something more worthwhile. Pull your energy from something bad to something you love.
Life is a big movie house, the worst movie doesn’t need to get the most attention, does it?

The problem with the horrible situations in our lives is, they can go on and on. Why? Because we give them some much energy to.

Stepping away from a ‘horrible situation’ is not an act of avoidance but rather an active way of taking control of how your life looks and feels.

Timing is important with difficult situations in life.  Astrologically transits are often what call us into difficult or even dreadful situations. Sometimes we do need to sit with our own discomfort and unhappiness and learn the lessons they bring. But, this doesn’t need to go on and on! Learn the lesson and move.

Refocus your lens. I usually start small. I imagine what it would be like without warm water. Sound silly? How grateful are you for a warm bath or shower? These luxuries that we take for granted like clean drinking water, which only 1 in 9 people have are things to be grateful for. When you start your list with water, the possibilities are endless. The more your are grateful for more you find to be grateful for. The better you feel the better it seems to go.

The trick is not to spend so much time looking at what you don’t have or how shit something is, that it becomes all you see. When you forget to nurture what you do have, it falls away. Nurture your gratitude.

What are you grateful for today?



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Laura Bradfield is an Astrologer who practices in Cape Town, and a member of the Cape Town Astrological Society. She conducts personalised astrological readings and consultations. 

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I have a passion for exploring what makes this life meaningful. I've been studying and teaching since I left school although qualified as an Astrologer, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist & Psychologist. I will probably never stop studying, writing and questioning reality.

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