What are people rambling on about when they start telling you about nervously backing up their computers? How did all those plans you have a minute ago suddenly go to shit and why has that guy still not contacted you?
The notoriety of Mercury Retrograde has finally made the New York times in an article by Kristen Dombeck – Retrograde Beliefs: In Defence of Magical Thinking.

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological term for an event that only happens about three or four times a year! The ancients observed Mercury’s movements for thousands of years assuming Mercury was indeed going backwards. Mercury, due its swift movement, came to symbolise communication, artistry and travel. It was observed then that Mercury at times moved backwards. In fact, and this was only realised much later on, Mercury simply appeared to be moving backwards at different times of the year relative to the Earth’s orbit.

It is for this reason precisely that the energy of communication dwindles, almost to a halt. But not before it has caused a large amount of air punching frustration and a sizeable serving of confusion. It’s important to note, however, right here, that not every single person is affected to the same degree. I have noticed that while some people are utterly devastated during this time, others remain perfectly unscathed with no idea what the hype is all about.

Each Mercury retrograde is different and affects different signs and different people in varying degrees. Thus in a year, you could only be affected by one of the time periods or all of them depending on your astrological sign.

Mercury rules our ‘lower mind’ how we process information, express ourselves and plan our daily lives. Mercury is the merchant, and it rules buying and selling, negotiating and documents. Needless to say ‘don’t sign on the dotted line’ comes into play along with ‘leave that important decision for later’. Bottom line, Mercury retrograde is not a great time for business – at all!

Deals made over this time quickly end up in the crapper but not before they’ve disintegrated into the most annoying tennis match you have ever seen. The one you hoped Eskom’s’ load shedding could have prematurely terminated before it even begun.

So when does this awful thing occur and what is the best thing for you to do when it does?

Mercury retrograde periods in 2017:
• December 2nd- December 22nd Sag & Capricorn.


Once you have gotten over all the frustrations, and there will be frustrations, it’s best to simply surrender to the fact that right now things might not work out quite as you had hoped – or at all. And that is okay. Mercury will move forward once again but before it does, speak less, listen more, do less and contemplate more.

Now is the time to reflect on an old idea, think about where it is you are directing your life and pay attention to those inner voices. On a positive note, Mercury can highlight our inner awareness because there is little in life that is ‘all bad’. You can learn new things about yourself and have a chance to heal old wounds, because Mercury retrograde precipitates when those wounds will rear their ugly, bile-filled heads- do try not to pop them out all over someone else! Take that extra long bath, read that good book and stare wistfully out that half clean window and day dream.
Mercury retrograde could very well bring a soulful and enriching encounter. Just don’t forget to backup your computers, shut up and think before you speak.

Go gently
and be kind.

Laura Bradfield is a practising Astrologer in Cape Town, a member of the Cape Town Astrological Society, and conducts personalized astrological consultations.

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