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synastry astrology picThe beauty of Sun Sign astrology is that it provides a doorway of insight into relationships. Sun sign astrology and the likes are great, the problem is, these methods are often far too simplistic to be able to give a meaningful explanation into the complexities of relationship dynamics.
How we relate to one another in relationships is called Synastry in Astrology. Synastry is looked at by combining your chart with the chart of the person you are enquiring about. It is a far more involved method and able to differentiate the elements involved in complex relationships.

Relationships affect us, unpacking what is going on is half the way to changing how the interaction goes down. Without a thorough understanding of how and why we are affected we continue to be affected.
Synastry Astrology goes a long way to helping people work with the challenging aspects of their relationship life. Many people think Synastry Astrology is only found when looking at a potential or married couples chart. This is not so! You have astrological Synastry with every person you have a relationship with. Whether it be a professional work relationship or the tender relationship you have with your gardener, where you like someone, dislike them or feel inspired around a certain person is all Synastry.

You will also perceive each person in a particular way that is unique to you, and this is what colours your interactions with them. Synastry is especially important when a relationship is not working. When you are vis-à-vis  with your least favorite staff member and completely confused as to what the real issue is, a look at synastry will clear it up.

How does it work? Synastry looks at the combination of your two charts together. In the case of friction, it quickly shows, what is causing the friction and what the best course of action is.
An Astrologer will look at the placement of your combined planets the aspects between them and the number of shared elements which creates harmony.

For example if we just look at the elements of one planet, the most culturally familiar Sun:

Synastry- Good Combinations
Aries signs, Leo signs and Sagittarius signs are all fire signs and often understand and relate well. They enjoy sharing their passion and drive. They will often take part in mutually enjoyed activities like sports or adventures. These signs can also irritate each other much faster than others. Fire and Air signs enjoy one another’s company.
The air signs like Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini get along well together as they enjoy sharing their ideas and knowledge about the world around them.
Water signs like Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio will enjoy sharing their nurturing activities like cooking and or shopping and other personable activities that bring comfort. There will be a feeling of comfort for water signs being friends with other water signs
Earth signs like Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus enjoy creating, organizing and developing. They will enjoy one another’s company and understand the practical steps to reaching a goal.

This is an overtly simplistic look at how people can relate. But of course, as a rule Synastry Astrology is far more complicated than the comparison of Sun signs, it involves how the 10 celestial bodies interact with one another as well as the Ascendant, Midheaven, i.c and descendant. This is touched on in my article, The Astrology of Love &Attraction.
Synastry is the stuff of relationships. It goes a long way to making sense of the patterns that create and dominate relationships.

Laura Selena is a qualified Astrologer.

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