Natal Readings
(First Consultation)

The natal chart is a picture of the sky taken the moment you were born. The placing of each planet within weaves a particular  colour, creating a kaleidoscope of ‘colours’ unique to you. The chart reveals everything from vacations suited to you- to passions, emotional tendencies, talents, gifts, karmic lessons, relationship patterns, past experience, health risks and other weaknesses or strengths.

The Year Ahead

Hard times bring growth and change as much as good times bring blessings and a light heart. This reading highlights each year’s themes, phases of growth, changes and cycles of emotional strain. This consultation answers questions like:
Will I meet someone? Will I move home or jobs?

(Can be performed once the
natal chart has been read)

Relationship Consultations

In this reading, I look at your chart combined with your partners to look at the key character traits of your partner and you. What you love about one another, what drives you mad and how to navigate through the conflicts and the karma. The depth of the information will depend on length of time you’ve been ogether.

Event astrology

This chart is used to understand specific events. Like the oak tree in the acorn; what archetypal energies were present the moment you began a relationship, wedding or business venture will tell you about its nature and future. Use event astrology to plan the best time for a marked occasion.

Astrology for Children

This consultation is performed as a relationship reading because both charts are analysed. Find out what your child’s talents are and how best to parent them and support their gifts.

(Read more on Astrology for Children)

Career Guidance

This consultation can form part of the natal reading or form a separate consultation specifically about your career. As an astrologer I can clearly see the vocation best suited to you. The chart indicates your best traits, the environment you should work in and how much money you will make. Careers well suited to your personality, gifts, qualities and needs are listed.

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